January 19, 2018

Public Agencies

While people commonly think of real estate development as involving private companies building homes, apartments, office buildings and other commercial projects, there are also a number of public agencies which are, as a practical matter, in the real estate development business.  Typically, agencies are subject to most, if not all, of the same permitting requirements as private enterprise.  As well, they frequently must be sensitive to other issues unique to their status as public agencies.

JMMK has represented agencies developing and building a wide variety of public facilities, including schools, fire stations, police stations, public administration buildings and community centers, as well as numerous public housing projects.  Our lawyers have helped these agencies purchase property, obtain permits, complete the public bidding process, write professional services and construction contracts, and deal quickly and efficiently with disputes that arise during and after construction.  We have considerable experience working with other experts in public housing on the financing and feasibility of public projects.

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